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Seat Ateca 2.0 TDI Style & Joël Dupuch: Rising Tide

The oyster actor of "Little White Lies" was the experience of the new Seat SUV: a promising vehicle, the fruit nursery of the Volkswagen Group.

Paris Match. After a morning to cross the Atlantic, what is your opinion on the new Ateca? 
Joël Dupuch. The machine is very pleasant, watching as driving. I find habitable, comfortable, easy to live and lead, and I love the touch screen, easy to grasp. (See also:  Joël Dupuch, happiness galloping )
This is the kind of car you buy?
Why not, though, usually, I just minimalist things. I'm not a car enthusiast;I first see in the functional aspect. From the moment it starts and takes me where I want, that's enough. During the Easter Cup at Nogaro, I spend more time opening oysters only to turn on the circuit. (See also: Snow Queen - Seat Leon X-Perience 2.0 TDI & Antoine Dénériaz )

Joël Dupuch driving the Seat Ateca 2.0 TDI Style© Clement Choulot
What kind of driver are you?
Rather transgressing. I like to drive fast. And I admit having taken advantage of my notoriety gained with 'Little White Lies' to be pardoned by two motorcyclists at rugby player profile!
The first car that marked you?
The Peugeot 203 black of my uncle, I found it so beautiful! She reminded me of the cars of American films of the era. My father, too, was very Peugeot, before moving to Mercedes.
And the road from your childhood that you will never forget?
The trip to visit cousins in Port-Grimaud. Cape Ferret, he had to sixteen hours. My parents listened France Inter ... 'A bicycle', Yves Montand, passing loop. A Hell!
Your first car?
Kid, my favorite car, it was the Beetle, and it was my first car. I loved the engine noise and the fact that it is a propulsion. I parked in the parking brake, I was skidding ... I dreamed to 'The Thomas Crown Affair', a film in which Steve McQueen drives a buggy on the beach with Faye Dunaway at his side. I was installing DS tires on a 4CV and I walked along the ocean, the sand until Lacanau. It was freedom.
A memory location, perhaps?
In 'Do not tell anyone,' I drive a van in which is François Cluzet has just been kidnapped. In the script, I had to pound behind a guy who did not start at the red light. But with the stress of filming, I went into him.Fortunately without gravity ...
Although he likes to recall that it runs five days every three years, the passages on the screen of Joël Dupuch never leave indifferent. After three films and a TV ( "Peplum") series to its credit, the oyster farmer Cape Ferret will be on view next feature film by Christian Duguay, "A bag of marbles" in February, 2017.
The notice of Match
Attention Seat bristled. Long left behind by the Volkswagen group to which it belongs, the Iberian brand looks up in fine style with this SUV that will give cold sweats to the two stars of the category: the Nissan Qashqai and Renault Qajar. Plastics and plastics without mistakes, presentation and modern amenities (automatically opening and closing tailgate passing the foot under the license plate, optional 350 Euros), roominess and a boot (510 l) among the ... the generous Ateca made a splash in the segment of compact crossovers. Convenient, comfortable and dynamic, the cousin of VW Tiguan delivers outstanding driveability ... for 3000 Euros less than its German rival.
If he is satisfied with a rear bench seat designed for two - not made up of three individuels- seats this Spanish manufactured in the Czech Republic can receive an automated gearbox (1600 Euros) and AWD (2450 Euros).Enough to make the difference against an increasingly dense competition.
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