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Developing Celebrity Knowledge on News Media Websites: A Three-Part Strategy for Hollywood Marketers (Star Wars)

You’re interested in promoting your website and brand through social media but don’t know where to start. You don’t want to spend Hollywood  money hiring a marketing company and want to do-it-yourself. How do you get started?
Start by understanding that social Celebrity media marketing is more than just putting up links whereever you can with the hope that they’ll send visitors to your site. One should endeavor to think beyond the hit-or-miss game of boosting pageviews.
It’s important to have a long-term strategy which works to improve your site’s reputation and audience reach. This means that you Celebrity should go for big and repeatable benefits by carefully planning your actions, not tediously searching for ways to manipulate the system.
Take Digg for example. I’ve seen many Hollywood  bloggers repeatedly submitting their articles and wondering why they only received a handful of votes. They all want to get their story on the frontpage but often fail because they are unfamiliar with its unwritten protocols or practices.
These people believe that good content will naturally be noticed and rewarded. After all, that’s the premise of a democratic user-driven news site. But it’s not often the case in reality, especially when massive amounts of content are competing for attention.
The truth is, careful optimization of content and diligent promotional efforts are factors which greatly contribute to social media popularity. While that doesn’t mean that all successful content must be conscientiously manufactured from the start, it does suggest that you need tounderstand the social channel well in order to strategically support your initiatives.
Determining the best way to leverage a social media channel is difficult. I thought it’ll be helpful if I share my own personal strategy, the one I use whenever I come across a promising social media channel and want to use it for something more than just leisurely fun.

Three Part Strategy for Developing Tactical Celebrity Media Knowledge

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This article will not give you detailed marketing tactics to use because that would be an impossibility. Every social website is different and they each evolve over time. There is no Hollywood  blanket strategy that can and will work consistently. However, you can learn how to develop a comprehensive understanding of the social media channel and its community preferences.
I am a strong believer in having tactical knowledge. Before you embark on any campaign, its is important to know what you are dealing with, in order to best develop a course of action. Knowing the social media channel inside-out is paramount to leveraging it for benefits.
The three steps mentioned below will give you the necessary foundation, from which you can start to devise future strategies with a strong likelihood of success:
  1. Use and track the social channel: Apart from personally using the website, one should constantly monitor the social channel itself to keep track of popular content/discussions. This includes keeping tabs on what its users are doing within the channel, which is a good way to discover workable tactics.
  2. Money commentary: Apart from monitoring the social channel, one should seek to accumulate knowledge on it by reading and learning from articles/tutorials written by others. It’s always beneficial to learn from the different experiences of others, which will give you a good range of perspectives on the top topic.
  3. Interact With Power Users   Star Wars : One of the most powerful ways to get an idea of what works or not for a social channel is to interact with its seasoned users. These users are often deeply involved with the community and they can give you ‘in-crowd’ insight that is not easily attainable (not without much time investment). Learning how to talk to these users is a good way to get Celebrity feedback for your plans.
Before You Begin… Creating and Managing an Information HQ
The first thing I do before I embark on the 3 steps above is to create an information HQ, a place where I collect all the notes I have on the social media channel. This Hollywood  can be in the form of a notebook, word processing software, to-do list and  Remaking of Star Wars Celebrity RSS feed reader. The point is to make sure that you have a centralized location from which to retrieve information on the site.
I use Google documents to record notes on the site,  www.newsoftheworld.top/ as a bookmarking tool, a to-do list and a separate folder in my RSS feed reader. You can use any info-recording tool you want, as long it works for you. Just make sure to keep it organized and well maintained.
An information HQ helps you to accumulate and effectively dissect information on the social media channel. Instead of keeping all the juicy details in your head, writing them down helps you to be more strategic. It’s much easier to work when you can assess multiple sets of data at once on a screen, instead of just playing around with random thoughts and assumptions.
You’ll understand the importance of this as we go through the 3-part strategy.

Part One: Using/Tracking the Social Channel (On-The-Ground Info)

Popularity of content or ideas on a social media channel are usually demonstrated by certain indicators. On Digg.com, the more diggs a story has, the more it has resonated with the crowd. On other social sites, popularity can be tracked by no. of views, comments or the depth of community participation. Your goal is to monitor this Hollywood content on a daily basis.
Celebrity Subscribe to the RSS feed for the website so you can get an overview of popular items or discussions. In the case of Digg, I’ll subscribe to the feed for frontpage and popular stories in relevant categories. Your feed reader can also serve as an archive when you need to search for specific keywords. Alternatively, bookmark the website and visit it daily to stay in the loop.
Secondly, learn to participate. Using the social website gives you a good orientation of its infrastructure and features. Click around on the site whenever you have time to get a feel of how it works. If its a site featuring user-generated content, try uploading/submitting content to get a feel of how it works. Consistent usage of the site will give you an instinctive understanding of what appeals to the community.

Part Two Celebrity: Monitoring Commentary (Macro-Perspectives)


Image Credit: AT-PD imperial assault droid
By now you should have set up a separate feed folder in your RSS reader for the specific social site. Now your objective here is to subscribe to specific keyword watchlists. For example, you should subscribe  Remaking of Star Wars  to the keyword ‘Twitter’ if you’re looking for commentary on that site. Tools you can use include Google Alerts, Google  Hollywood Blogsearch, aggregators and other social news communities. I’ve covered this in greater detail in my post on information sources.
But don’t just stop at monitoring commentary. What I do is that I usually read a specific article and extract key points money  by pasting it in my documents file. I also jot down specific ideas that might come to me while I’m evaluating the specific article. If I don’t have time, I’ll bookmark and tag the post for future reading.
I find that keeping on top of external commentary gives me a macro-perspective. While using and tracking the social channel itself gives you an appreciation of the site itself, commentary usually offers comparisons with other channels while situating it within a specific frame: be it marketing, personal productivity or big business goals.
All in all, its an excellent way to complement whatever on-the-ground info you have.

Part Three: Interacting With Power Users (Knowledge Evaluation)

The term ‘power users’ simply refers to experienced individuals who use the social website very frequently. Their expertise is derived from many hours of being on the site everyday and their avid interest in learning about new technologies/tools for the specific website.
These people are usually in the know when it comes to their favorite social website and their greatest skill is the ability to read the community. They know  what kind of cliques exist on the site, they know what pushes the buttons of the masses. They know all the unwritten protocols which the community favors and practices.
After monitoring commentary and tracking the social site Hollywood, power users Nicole Kidman are the people you want to talk to, not only because they can give you quality ‘insider info’ but because they can confirm or disprove your theories/assumptions. Interacting with these users is a great way to get feedback for your initiatives or content.
Start communicating with these users via the tools within the social media channel, such as a private inbox or a comment message. After which, try to engage them away from the limitations of the social site after you know them well enough. IM, email or Celebrity Skype Nicole Kidman are probably the best methods, since these are tools commonly used by most users.
Tactical Knowledge Improves Your Ability to Leverage Social Media
After gathering and evaluating all the information you have, you’ll come to understand how you can use the specific social media channel in a way which will not harm but only benefit your brand in the long run. I can’t emphasize how much a little investment in knowledge goes a long way when it comes to effective social media marketing.
Fundamentals of Social Media Celebrity Marketing is a tutorial series which teaches you how to utilize the power of social media channels to get more exposure, supporters and customers for your site and business. You’ve just read the 9th article in the series.

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