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EXCLUSIVE: Champ loses battle to get wife back


Bruno's broken heart
By Phil Taylor
BOXING hero Frank Bruno has failed in his heart-rending bid to win back wife Laura.
The former world heavyweight champ, who's battling mental illness, was reunited with Laura on a family holiday in Jamaica in January.
To the delight of friends and relatives Frank then moved into Laura's new home.
But sad pals say he has now decided to buy a house of his own after the couple failed to rekindle their romance.
Last night a close friend of 43-year-old Frank confirmed: "They are NOT an item.
"Everyone hoped Frank and Laura would get back together for good. But it was sadly not to be.
The News of the World exclusively revealed how Frank and Laura enjoyed their holiday together in Jamaica with children Nicola, 25, Rachel 18, and Franklyn, nine. They shared a family room at the Sunset Beach Resort in Montego Bay.
Relaxed and happy on his first holiday with Laura and their kids since their divorce in 2001, Frank told us at the time: "It's a big move and we're getting on well."
He beamed: "It was my daughter Nicola's idea. She asked if we could all go on holiday together. We're having a lovely time."

Frank looked very much in love and, when asked at their hotel if their romance was back on, Laura said: "You'll have to ask Frank. He's the boss!"
Britain's best-loved boxer had sold his £2.5million mansion in Stondon Massey, Essex, admitting: "The house is too big for me—it's getting lonely."
So after their two-week holiday Laura invited Frank to stay at the five-bedroom house she had bought from their divorce settlement.
But last night his pal added: "Sadly their reunion has not had the dream ending we hoped for.
"Frank adores Laura, but while they have been living together Laura has made it clear she just wants to remain good friends."
The couple had been married for 11 years. But their relationship ended after allegations by Laura that Frank was violent—something he has always denied.
Laura obtained a court order banning her husband from assaulting, molesting or harassing her. After their divorce, she received a reputed £5million settlement.

The split, Frank's retirement from the ring and the suicide of his former trainer George Francis took a devastating toll on the boxer and he suffered a nervous breakdown.
At his lowest point, the sad 6ft 3in, 17-stone giant slept in a boxing ring in his garden, cycled around in bare feet and became convinced he was jockey Frankie Dettori.
In 2003 he was sectioned under the Mental Health Act.
But Laura, 43, stood by him and visited Frank every day for the four weeks he was in a psychiatric hospital being treated for manic depression.
Despite everything, the friend added: "Sadly, too much water has gone under the bridge for Laura to take Frank back for good.
"Laura wants to remain the best of friends, but romance is not on the cards. Frank really needs emotional support and Laura gives that to him.
"He realises he has one thing left in the relationship and that is his kids, he adores them.
"Frank is looking for a new home in Essex so he can be near them. But he has come to realise that there will not be a happy ending."
When the News of the World contacted Frank, he said: "I don't want to comment. I'm not going there.
"But I'm alive—I mustn't grumble."

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